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Let me help you.

I help you solve complex problems through a mindfulness-centered approach that invites each team member to bring their whole self to the work at hand. More presence = more power.

I work with you to provide facilitation and training for your team in diversity, equity, inclusion, environmental justice, anti-oppression and unconscious bias. I support you in implementing and maintaining momentum through change, I am here for you.

Equity Planning

I build tailored workshops and trainings to support teams building their skill in equity, diversity and inclusion.

I bring together a trusted team of skilled professionals to develop organizational assessments, equity plans including human resources support, development of affinity groups, and ongoing implementation coaching and support.

Multi-party Faciltiation

As a skilled facilitator and project manager with expertise in sensitive, high-stakes, multi-stakeholder projects and processes, I support complex initiatives in need of a neutral third party.

I help you to build systems to grow trust and authentic relationships between groups while providing expertise, capacity and a keen eye for opportunities to engage, celebrate, and communicate information with internal team members or the public. 


I create custom, tailored workshops for teams to improve workplace culture through relationship building, enhancing listening and communication skills, and teaching how to frame and identify solutions and opportunities from challenges.

I also work 1:1 with folks to support personal development. For 1:1 coaching services, visit me at www.ellenwyomingdeloy.com.



My goal is to serve and support change makers striving towards social and environmental justice, to create a pathway forward for a 21st Century seeded in equity, sustainability, tolerance and compassion.

I believe fundamentally in people. I believe in each person's inner light and the ability of that light to illuminate the darkness and find solutions where before there was fear, confusion or uncertainty. I believe a mindfulness approach to change anchors folks in the present, giving them resiliency to navigate the challenges that arise with change and shifting from broken to more complete systems.

I serve folks across sectors to build relationships and trust; support and implement diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives; and provide strategic expertise for complex projects.

Either on my own, or in partnership with my strong network of DEI-based collaborators, I bring together a force for positive transformation steeped in the knowledge and experience of public policy, community engagement, and comprehensive planning.

I donate a portion of my profits monthly to Unite Oregon, a non-profit led by people of color, immigrants and refugees, rural communities, and people experiencing poverty, who work across Oregon to build a unified intercultural movement for justice.


Ellen has been integral to the Roadmap to the Outdoors Initiative, a statewide effort to make the outdoors welcoming to all Oregonians, with an emphasis on youth and increasing the diversity of participants. Ellen moderated the keynote panel discussion at the Roadmap to the Outdoors Symposium with former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Governor Kate Brown, as part of a statewide convening of outdoor leaders, funders and representatives from diverse communities to identify barriers and solutions to connecting Oregonians to the outdoors. She then guided a newly formed team of partner organizations in the development of the Roadmap plan creating trust within the team, establishing a clear focus, and guiding the development of broad action items.

Dan Little
First Gentleman of Oregon

Ellen brings an inclusive process to the facilitated work that invites for the whole self to be engaged. In her consultation with Metro Regional Government, Ellen led the group of community partners through the planning a forum to help deepen the relationships between the government agency and their community partners. Each step of the way, Ellen exemplified equitable practices and was quick to adapt to better meet the needs of the group.

Simeon Jacob
Operations and Program Manager
Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

Ellen's gift in facilitating collaboration between community advocates and public agency comes in creating a space uniquely responsive to the people in the room. Less 'best practices,' more setting the table where group dynamics emerge to support a spirit of openness, trust, and respect. Working with Ellen and Inner Light Coaching on a priority project under a tight timeline with both long time and new community partners changed my expectations for what effective facilitation can be.

Peggy Morell
Agency-wide Community Partnerships Program Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Ellen during my tenure hustling for the Portland Mercado, a development of Hacienda CDC. We worked together on a few different occasions-- one time in particular standing out -- the time when she transformed our team's ability to work together, support our clients and celebrate our success after having launched arguably the biggest project of any of our careers. We were all tired and frustrated for different, yet related reasons, and it was a moment where something big needed to happen. Step in, Ellen. Ellen’s facilitation style is calm, nurturing, practical and engaging. With her astute listening and realistic approach, she was able to bring us back to earth to untangle misunderstandings, appreciate our work, and recognize each other’s contributions, ultimately helping us see the big picture, while moving forward the details to achieving balance.

Jamie Melton
Grid Notes



Portland, OR