About Me

I'm empathetic, compassionate, intuitive, solution-oriented, and I see the forest for the trees.

If I were to use psychic terms, I am clair-sentient, meaning that I pick up on feelings and emotions deeply. I understand quickly where people are coming from, and often, symbolic images come to my minds eye readily as conversation unfolds.


As an empath, I am careful not to take on other people's energy as my own, and I have, and will teach you, different energy tools to clear your energy so that you too can to strip away what is not yours and what is not serving you.

While I am your coach, I will use the full suite of my skills and abilities to listen deeply to your patterns, stories, and beliefs. From here, I will confront them. Coaching is a confronting process. As I support you to actively engage with the programs you are running, you actively will own your transformation, building your own skills in discernment, boundaries, and energy management as we go along.

In working with me, you have an intuitive coach as a guide on your side.


As we work together, you will build your own latent gifts and skills to the forefront and begin to tap into your higher purpose, and offer a long-view of your life path that is not readily available when we are tangled in the day to day.

However, it is in how you shift meeting the day to day that will bring to fruition your true alignment.

Working with me will help you to find grounding amidst chaos while also building your tolerance and resilience for discomfort, uncertainty, and change.

You will build, through practice and experience, a relationship with faith, trust, and spirit (or your higher power, or God, there are many names), and begin to relish in the joy of unfolding mystery.

This is not a fast road.


This is the gentle unfurling of spring leaves.


This is the slow hum of insects over a mountain lake when no one is there to witness the sound.

It is also the shaking loose of false foundations, torrents of rain, and lightening storms that take your breath away.

It is not for the faint of heart.

Work with me.

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