Are We A Good Fit?

I hover comfortably between my left and right brain. Moving from linear / logical / practical analysis to big picture meta thinking and speaking with symbolic imagery.

This helps me see both the big picture and the small details, and I'll use both interchangeably through the course of the conversation. I also talk about energy, spirituality, and a cultivation practice a lot. So much in fact, that I expect each of my clients to be willing to engage with and commit to some kind of practice for themselves, that they discern for their own day to day.


I have been helping my clients build their own practices since I started this work and I know that it's my clients who build and maintain a practice who get the most value from their investment in our work together, and who are then able to make the transition, start the business, or just find more calm amidst uncertainty.

Lastly, this IS an investment. Can you commit to at least three months (weekly) or six months (bi-weekly) to create an understanding of where you are in time, the skills and practices that will suit you best, and then do the work of getting to your goal?


The weekly option is $700/month for the three months, the twice monthly option is $350/month for six months.

Payment in full up front (Venmo only) for either option garners a 5% discount. 

BIPOC professionals working in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion have special rates, please inquire.

If you are feeling ready, fill out the application.

Once approved, Ellen will reach out to you to set up your free initial 60-minute consultation.


Apply now.

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