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Build the skills you need to thrive amidst uncertainty and change, to lead courageously, and stay anchored in your core values, even when the tide turns and you feel in the eye of the storm.

Who do I serve?

You, the one who gets things done. The one with grit, tenacity, and ambition. 

People look to you for your vision, guidance and leadership. You are smart, adept, agile, and a few steps ahead of the game. You get things done.

But there are cracks starting to show from the strain. Changes, uncertainty and uncharted terrain have you pausing for breath as you wonder both how to best show up for yourself so you can continue to lead, as well as how to ensure you are supporting and leading others from a place grounded in the right intentions, resulting in the right impact. 

In working with me, I will support you to unpack and investigate how you're responding to the challenges presented, and ground truth where you stand, how you want to show up, and in turn lead and support others.

Are your frameworks still accurate for you and the people you serve? What has evolved and changed, and how will you continue to evolve, change and grow? As a leader, how can you also shift back into your own learning and growth?


We all come from different stories, backgrounds, and situations that forge who and how we are today. My tools of the trade are grounded in my professional work and experience, and supported by meditation and mindfulness. For those who are open to it, I also work with energy and symbolic insight. 

I use and share these tools with my clients as we build our coaching relationship and I support you to assess where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go.

My goal is to coach my clients to excel in rooted, authentic leadership that allows them to navigate with a deep feel for undercurrents that run cross-ways from what you might see in front of you, with both a feel for how to best proceed keeping the big picture, and the day to day, in mind. 

Most importantly, you will build, grow and refine a relationship of trust, love, and respect for what you already have within you. You will unwrap further the gifts you were born with, and bring them to light.

We all benefit from rooted, conscious and authentic leadership, it's my goal to have you confident in this space no matter what the world brings.

About Me

I'm empathetic, compassionate, intuitive, solution-oriented, and I see the forest for the trees.

If I only could pick one thing to do every day for my livelihood, it would be this, coaching.


This is my calling.


I pick up on feelings and emotions deeply. I understand quickly where people are coming from, and often, symbolic images come to my minds eye readily as conversation unfolds.

While I am your coach, I will use the full suite of my experience, skills and abilities to listen deeply to your patterns, stories, and beliefs. From here, I will confront them. Coaching is a confronting process. As I support you to actively engage with the programs you are running, you actively will own your transformation, building your own skills in discernment, boundaries, and energy management as we go along.

I work with leaders ushering in change to create a more equal and just world, who are also exploring at the same time what it means to be who they are, how they show up, and how they lead to have the highest and best impact.

I'm iterative in my approaches and I work with each person in ways tailored to them. I bring my background in public service, consulting, change management, and guiding, along with my practices in mindfulness, meditation and energy work to each client I serve.

I'm here to support the growth and development of others, to maximize impact in the world for positive change. 

Let's Do This.

I work with clients in ways that meet their needs.

After a no-cost 30-minute consult to answer any questions and get a picture for the kind of coach you're looking for (and to see if we would be a good fit), we move forward to start the work.

When we work together we will:

  • take inventory together of where you are now, and the road that brought you here

  • identify touch points of challenge, hardship, and duress, in addition to guideposts of lightness and wellbeing within your leadership role, and life

  • start to assess underlying patterns in behavior and thought that perpetuate what is not wanted

  • build pathways and practices to begin to cultivate what is wanted, within how you show up for leadership, as well as your life

  • connect together big picture goals and vision with the day to day to understand more clearly micro alignments to cultivate bigger impact over the long haul

  • assess and refine your practice and skills in creating and maintaining healthy boundaries

  • hone your ability for discernment 

  • grow your energy management skills and strategies

Session options, payment is due up front to reserve services:

The power-house (single-session): $225, one 90-minute session (we'll use your no-cost 30-minute consult to hone in on what you want support with for this powerhouse 90-minute session.)

Getting grounded in your resilience (5 session package): $750 for five 60-minute sessions (to be used within two months)

Building mastery into your path (10 session package): $1495 for ten weekly 60-minute sessions (to be used within four months)

Clients may also select an on-going coaching option, two 60-minute sessions per month, invoiced monthly at $300.

Coaching format:

Coaching is done remotely. I meet with clients via Zoom, Skype, or by phone.

Schedule your no-cost consult now.



"I came into this work really craving one on one discussions that went deep. Where I could set down the balls in the air and take stock of my priorities and goals. I also wanted to work with someone who wasn’t following a strictly prescribed model, but who excelled in being agile and personal. Someone who brought joy and an inquisitive spirit to the table. Fortunately, I found just this person with Ellen.

Working remotely by phone was great – I actually really loved the distance and intimacy that a phone call creates. There were times that I could be more vulnerable than I might in person. I loved starting calls with a guided meditation, it is so key!


My sessions with Ellen allowed me to move at a pace unique to where I was at each day. I loved having sessions focused on homework and moving forward with key questions, and I also deeply appreciated the flexibility to have unstructured sessions that simply met me where I was at.


As I move forward after working with Ellen, each day I feel an intentional practice is becoming habit. I ask myself, how am I showing up in this moment? What does generosity and curiosity look like right now? As this habit of inquiry becomes deeper and more ingrained in my day, I find myself laughing more, standing taller, and having more grace with myself and others."

Jessica McDonald / Associate Director / Greenbelt Land Trust

"Ellen gets it. She knows the fear that comes from launching forward to pursue your dreams and understands that taking one motion after another requires courage.


In sessions with Ellen some of the most useful moments are when she repeats back what she hears me saying while nudging me forward.


She's intuitive and gives me visual descriptions of what is possible that help me think of new possibilities and opportunities that I had not thought of before.


She is sharp, enthusiastic and brings humor to the work."

Dr. Tia H. Ho, PhD, MST / Founder & CEO / Finding Mindful Now 

"Ellen was recommended to me while I was searching to come more into my power and discover how I wanted to expand in my career. Ellen immediately saw my monkey mind and called it - compassionately and lightheartedly.


In the sessions I had with her, she introduced me to a completely different method of decision making, for me, cutting out my chatter. She provided me with tools to center myself and get to the root of my values.


I am still digesting what I learned and practicing the techniques we co-created (an important way she coaches, listening to her clients internal wisdom).


Meeting with her was a pivotal point in my path - learning to listen to myself and feel my decisions, rather than scramble to "figure them out." Thank you, Ellen!"

Hannah E. / Affordable Housing and Resident Engagement Specialist / Oregon 

"I worked with Ellen over a few months in a trying time in my career. Having someone to recognize my wave-length where personal growth and awareness was concerned kept me accountable to mygoals and the processes needed to reach them.

Ellen helped me to identify resisting thoughts and behaviors which blocked my progress and gave me tools to change my habits on a moment to moment basis.

Every session was like talking to my best friend who just "gets me". Like a slingshot of positivity, Ellen was an amazing coach."

Dacia Arnold / Author / Colorado 


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