Work with me.

I engage with committed individuals ready to do the work of emerging into their highest and best purpose.

Clients I take on are coachable. They are ready and willing to push themselves.

Working with a coach is not the same as working with a counselor or therapist.


Working with a coach is more akin to a coach and athlete relationship. You have the capacity for greatness, say in long-distance running.


You have the will, determination, grit and personal resolve within you, and even though you know it's been 5 years since you even ran one mile, you know that if you do the work, you'll run the marathon.

You work with a coach to help you through challenges of growth and unexpected surprises as you move from one-mile to 26.2 miles.


As a running coach helps you develop your training regimen, your eating plan, your cross training schedule, and helps you refine your gait, highlights your strengths, and work on your form, I will do the same for you in the arenas of your life.

Coaching is a commitment. An athlete does not train with a coach three times then say, "Cool! Got it, done, gonna DIY it myself now and get into the Olympics next year."


(And of course, there are always a few folks who do get there this way, if this is you, RUN WITH IT).

But if you're like most folks, you've already been trying to DIY it for awhile now, and it seems like it might be taking a lot longer than you'd hoped.

If this is you - I feel you.


I am a hard and fast do-it-yourself fan. But I have learned. Here's a short story to illustrate my point.


In my mid-20's, I was convinced I could learn to telemark-ski on my own (after having been a snowboarder, not even a skier) with a few pointers from friends.


Two seasons, maybe 40+ ski-days, and many bruises and frustrating backcountry touring sessions later, I finally signed up for lessons from an expert.


Over the course of my lessons, I was transformed from a fumbling (but brave!) novice telemark skier into someone who could flow, fly low, and link turns down the mountain. I had the capacity to ski well within me the whole time, but didn't know how to tap into it. 

My husband (then my boyfriend), was amazed at my improvement. Skiing with him (already a gorgeous skier) was suddenly fun and way less stressful.

This is what coaching is - it's guidance from someone who's been there, can see the challenges, help you course correct, build skills and strengths, and see you to linking gorgeous turns down the proverbial mountain of life. 

It is so fun, so worth it, and so worth your investment in yourself.

As you consider working with a coach, take a few moment to consider these points:

How much you are willing to invest in yourself to get through from where you are to where you want to be?


How much is your time and energy worth to do the work well, and really get what you want out of your life? 

How much would you pay to be where you want to be right now?

What is it costing you right now with stress, confusion, added sick days, and small fixes trying to bandaid over what really isn't working? 


The constant little fires? The nagging feelings that this has got to stop, shift, and change?

What is that worth to you?

Be honest, be real. Write those numbers down right now before you read further.

Add it all up.

Then ask yourself, are you worth this investment?

If you answered yes - please continue.

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Backcountry skiing in the Teton Mountains of Wyoming, near Jackson. That's me on the left.