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1:1 Coaching

Let's dive in. I want to know what's going on in your current experience, how things are impacting you, and where you want to go from here. Together we'll start to unkink what feels tangled, and start to scaffold in tools, skills, and practice to really get you moving.

Are you a BIPOC professional working in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion? You have special rates, please inquire.

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Build Your Personal Brand

Develop your mission, vision and voice for your personal brand.

I bring my coaching and combine it with my experience in building a boutique practice. I will coach you to identify the why and greater purpose for your business, support you to develop the framework for your brand with confidence, and help you anchor it in your authentic voice, targeted to your audience.

This is about the mission / vision / voice of your business, not aspects of website / building a list / logo / design, etc. While it's exciting to jump and do those things, if you don't have the confidence and knowledge of your authentic voice, it can be very challenging to stand out from others in your niche.

The core focus here is developing an authentic brand, YOUR brand, and walking away with clarity on what your business is, what it does, who it serves, and how people will think about you a year down the road.

Clients may access the basics of this support in a group format via 1:1 support or via a workshop (when available) here.

1:1 sessions are $175/hour. Clients typically benefit from working through their brand voice over the course of 3 - 6 sessions. 

You may purchase packages of three sessions for $450.

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Organizations and Teams

I support organizations and teams in the following ways: 

  • team retreats, facilitation projects

  • employer-sponsored coaching for team members (1:1)

  • mission/vision development and refinement

  • charter development

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For government agencies in Oregon I am a WBE, MBE and ESB certified business:


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